Friday, May 25, 2007

what's up with the posting errors?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Selfish Promotion

Again, here I am hijacking my brother's unused blog for my own selfish reasons. but my friend just launched a new site to promote hotels in their local market. I think it's a stellar idea and the site is very cool (designed by another friend of mine). these guys have done some great work worth promoting. Check out Local Hotel Directory and see for yourself!

Monday, July 24, 2006

hijacking my brother's blog...

sorry I have to do this but since my brother is no longer blogging I'm hijacking his blog (temporarily).

Princess, if you arrive here and read this, email me at sleestakk_2000 at yahoo dot com. I can't read msg's from that weird site.


Sunday, September 12, 2004

not enough time....

i guess this will be a wrap up of the weekend.....
i finally made it back to kendo friday after 2 months of not showing.....since coming back to practice, i was reminded that my shinai was in bad shape and was in need of repair or replacement. i was envious of one of the new students *do*.....its upper center section was a lime green, which stood out among the black border and stitching surrounding it.
saturday i worked on a sidejob at the neighbor's 'rents home....had to tear out a hottub and haul off, along with doing a drywall repair in the skylight. later that night i went to tommy's for his little b-day get together. just some hanging out and bbq'ing. got the chance to see my friend's new baby....i'm confident with my hands with work, catching, holding, carrying, etc.......but holding the child was very humbling for room for mistakes. finally saw tommy's new project.....its a hardtail frame from PCC.....the bike is going to be awesome but at the rate tommy is at with the rest of his projects, i doubt this one will get done any time soon.
today, sunday, i took the opportunity to sleep in a bit. finally finished the radius arm bushings this morning....wasn't as bad as i was expecting. i did some investigating in my tailgate, trying to figure out why it wouldn't open.....think i got it but i might need to open it back up to *fix* it so it won't continue. got the doggy barrier set and finished.....but still shelby manages to squeeze by....i'll just have to *train* him to stay in the back. worked on the yard...pulled weeds, fertilized the tree and roses, and laid down some more mulch. mounted my maglite next to the driver's seat. since i got the tailgate working again and the barrier set, i took the dogs to the park to run around and play ball. they did well in the back. for longer trips in the truck i'll probably flip the rear seat forward to give them more room. i still need to nail down the base trim in the roommate's room tonight.

tomarrow i need to make a note to call about my accident that happened back in january....i still havn't seen anything from it. i also need to call the lady i bought my truck from to see if she still has the key to the sparetire and the security system.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

was it worth it?

welp...after a tiring day at work and going over to my brother-n-laws practice to take measurements for a wall i'm building for him this weekend....i made it home finally to find my front door littered with deliverys! i got my exhaust, the pet divider, radius arm bushings, and a big package in a little box from brother. being most excited about the exhaust, i fumbled through the other boxes like a lil kid on x-mas one and already on to the next almost before setting the other down.

i pulled out all the tools i thought i needed but that wasn't the case, of course. ended up calling the neighbor to borrow his sawall since i left mine at work. made a quick trip to lowe's to pick up the blades i wanted and the new bolts for when i replace the bushings. got home and didn't even wait for the truck to cool down.....i figure the burns would be worth having cool exhaust before bedtime. so by 8pm i was tearing into the old muffler with a plan....i hope the neighbor next door didn't mind.....cutting metal with a sawzall isn't necessarily quiet. after a half hour past i realized my plan might not work....another half hour and i found out it wouldn't. long story short, i ended up cutting the hell outta my exhaust to find out that this direct *bolt-in* exhaust wasn't a direct bolt-in. i cut off more than i ever thought i had too and ended up welding the new to the old since the supplied muffler clamp was useless in this application. by 10:30pm i was cleaning up. took it around the block and was impressed.....not to loud but loud enough. now i just need to figure out what wheel is squeeking since it was making itself known during the test drive.
i'd have to say it was worth it...i'm more about *built, not bought*...and since i didn't just bolt it on, i feel better about it....even if it was a pain in the ass.

before wrapping it up i threw together the pet divider just to get it now i resemble a psuedo cop car. i'll do the fine tuning of the install tomarrow.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

new exhaust...

i left my truk with my buddy, ron, today so that he could get new tires mounted.....
ended up going with the 32's but now i wish i went with the 33' since it looks like they would fit....oh well.
my buddy hooked me up with the tires....he kicked in $200 on the $560 bill, for helping him with his house....he's also going to build the steering linkage for my '76. the '96 looks good with the m/t' bad i'll probably never use them for what they're intended for.

after talking to my neighbors tonight.....i just barely missed the fedex truck delivering my new exhaust and pet divider. that sucked cuz i really wanted to get the cat-back mounted tonight! i'll have to wait til tomarrow....along with my new bushings. all i need after all this is the grill insert and tinting the front and rear windows.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004


well....i tryed blogging last wednesday night after the killswitch show but my pc booted me off line....losing my fairly long post...i was so pissed i said f--- it...i thought it was good but to much to rewrite and post again. was a great show...went by myself.....killswitch's first head lining tour. 36 crazyfists opened...i missed them. 18 visions was next....i was impressed...i bought their cd....turned out to be one of those bands that sound ten times better live. autumn to ashes was next.....i liked them...good set. last but not least was killswitch engage, they were great of course. this was probably the first show where the crowd was just as much into the first band as the was great....packed wall to wall with shorty's. i guess the whole tour was impressed with the turn out....they would have never guessed that abq on a weeknight would have brought out so many fans. i was impressed that so many turned out with the $15 cover!
that would be my last night driving the '76.

last saturday night i did something i thought i'd never do again...i went to the fall crawl, downtown. i told myself i would never go again because the *crawls* are an amateur's night out.....everyone and their mom is out these nights...its ridiculous! have to wait in line to get in, wait in line to get a drink, wait in line to piss! and usually everyone uses these nights to get people are fighting, puking, and just plain annoying. the only reason i went was cuz tommy and his grrl were going, starsky was playing(my tattooist's old reunited band) and i never seem them before, and i havn't hung out with tommy in awhile. we met up at his grrl's house and left in a cab....there would be no way in finding a parking there was a good chance for roadblocks. we were hoping to just pay a cover to get into the one bar where starsky was playing but no...the alibi, the weekly paper, had the whole event monopolized where you had to buy the $20 wristband to get in...even if you were only going to one bar...bullshit! and of course we had to stand in line to get the wristband. and of course a fight breaks out five feet away from said line. so we make it back to the bar and watch starsky after downing a few pbr's. there were alot of cute grrl's out but there was this one that caught my eye and it was weird that i was attracted to her since she had two things i'm not really into....short hair and lots of tatt's. but she was definitely cute and the tatt's were well placed and well done. i'd catch her looking my direction during the show and tommy caught her looking here it comes....a swift punch to the arm, for not making a move yet, from tommy. the show ends and she leaves with her friend....i couldn't let this go and i know i wouldn't hear the end of it, so i ran out to talk to her. turns out she's just as cute, if not cuter, out in the street and that she wasn't available. oh least i tried. tommy, xtina, and i take off.....find a cab and head home. i was right about the roadblocks...right as we left the downtown area, there was a sobriety check's the only way to go!

got an e-mail from my soon to be roommate.....he said his transfer was pushed ahead and he'll be moving to abq by the end of september....i hope he's a cool guy, especially since i'm giving him a good deal on his room. it will be nice getting that extra check every it'll give me an excuse to keep the place clean. i also hope his grrlfriend ,here in town, has some cute friends!

i also got a call from my friend tommy today, he was at the airport getting ready to leave to london with his grrlfriend and her family.....i guess they're going over there for 10 days for some vintage road racing event.
just get back from mexico and then head off to london...must be nice!

i picked up the new bronco thursday. got it insured and resistered friday. spent most of the weekend cleaning it....inside and out. some cool things i found out about it....since its has a 6300 GVW, i don't have to do has the factory limited slip.....first and last year for mass air....4-wheel abs. saturday i installed an amp and a 10" sub.....a great improvement over the factory speakers....i'll upgrade those down the road. got a call from my buddy, ron, today. i'm leaving my truck with him tomarrow so he can get new tires put on it....32" BFG mud-terrains....he still hasn't told me what the damage is...not sure if that's good or bad. i should also get my doggy-divider to keep the dogs contained to the back and my cat-back exhaust in tomarrow! the truck is too quiet...i hope the new exhaust will *fix* that. i also made it over to the local clifford dealer, driver's den, which was conviently down the road from me, to pick up a key for my immbolizer. so now my killswitch is engaged!

Monday, August 23, 2004

he wasn't kidding...


Sunday, August 22, 2004

rode hard and put away wet....literally....

i took the opportunity to take it easy this weekend instead of working.....friday night was the seventh day in a row at my friend's, ron, house........i didn't leave til about 11pm....but i was able to get his kitchen done....we'll have to set up another time to finish his bathroom.
saturday i had the chance to sleep in and after i spent the rest of the day cleaning....a much needed cleaning....i've been neglecting it for over a week and having 4 dogs doesn't help the situation.
today, sunday, i slept in once again. have to make up all the missed sleep from this past week. after finally waking up i contined with my cleaning.....seems like i always have something to clean. that's one of the disadvantages of living in newmexico....all the dust!
later in the afternoon tommy came over to join me in my last outting in my bronco......since i'm going to be parking it for some time i decided i should take it out in the dirt one last time in its current shape. our plan was to head out to south eubank....but due to the fact that either it's close to the base or that to many people have been dumping out there, a fence was put up to keep people out. we managed to find access on the other side of a parking lot of a business, but after driving out to edge of the arroyo we decided to head back after seeing the illegally cut fence. it was just to sketchy and not worth it, so we turn around to find a *cleaner* route in. tommy and i ended up driving to the other side of the large arroyo which was in a neighborhood. after thinking about it.....our new way in wasn't much more legal than the other, we drove through an empty lot between two houses.
we make it to the bottom and i head over to the irrigation steps to fool around over there....snapped a few pics and i head over to the large mud puddle. i don't particularly care for gets into everything and its a pain in the ass to clean off your truck....but what the heck.....i'm tearing apart the truck anyways!
it was a thick sticky clay mud, probably a little over a foot deep. plenty to give my truk a good coating. after a dozen or so passes and almost getting stuck on the two wreck cars near by, i had my fill and was ready to go home. also the lingering feeling that we might get busted for being down there pushed the idea of leaving. we get out with no worry's and i head back to the house.
i didn't care to much about cleaning the body, but i did want to get all the mud off my engine and trans. after 3 cans of degreaser/cleaner and some scrubbing my engine was back to new. the only thing now is that i have a driveway full of mud. before i actually start pulling the truk apart i'll borrow tommy's pressure washer and give it a good cleaning.....nothing's worse than trying to work on a dirty truk.

wish i could pick up my other truk tomarrow, but my bank won't let me have my money til thursday. so thursday is the day. the lady i'm buying it from wasn't to happy to hear that.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

a '76 and a '96....

well i tracked down a decent bronco today.....after 4 calls about the bronco i gave up but towards the end of the workday my fone rings. it was the lady the i was trying to call about the bronco....she saw all the times i tryed calling on her caller id. i made arrangements to go over to where she was keeping it, her daughter's house, since she lives in santa fe. looked under the hood, took it for a spin, and looked over it again....this was the one. told 'em i'd take it and we made arrangements to meet up next monday to make the transfer of title and funds. all it needs is new tires, some new radius arm bushings, and a good cleaning. i already have a source to get a killer deal on tires and the bushings will be an easy task. and to think, i always said i would never own a used late model vehicle.
but now i'll have a vehicle that has heat, a roof, a/c, a sterio, and legal to drive.

made it back to ron's tonight, fourth day in a ain't bad....his wife had dinner for me every night so far....hard to beat that! just have two more nights left to finish the kitchen...then i'm off to the masterbath and i'm done......well intil the next project comes up.