Saturday, July 31, 2004

finally set-up my blog tonight....always thought about it but never actually went through with it til now....

tryed to have a complete day so i wouldn't feel guilty for not getting nothing done.....knocked out a small side job that took about 3 hours.....its amazing how some people are so cheap....not sure what the lady of the house does but the husband is a doctor....they live in a great house in a great area....grand cherokee and a bmw in the garage....but the lady wanted to haggle over the price of my work which was a fair she bought as little of material as she could so she could save $10!!
Worked on finishing all the welds on my ladder rack for the work truck, still not done. I've managed to reach the limitations of the millermatic 135 already and the fiasco with installing new wire didn't help any. I'll finish up tomarrow with the welds and get it painted and installed before the weekend is out. I suppose i should clean the truck too since its had months of neglect. Watered the plants and pulled some weeds too.