Tuesday, August 31, 2004


well....i tryed blogging last wednesday night after the killswitch show but my pc booted me off line....losing my fairly long post...i was so pissed i said f--- it...i thought it was good but to much to rewrite and post again.
anyways....it was a great show...went by myself.....killswitch's first head lining tour. 36 crazyfists opened...i missed them. 18 visions was next....i was impressed...i bought their cd....turned out to be one of those bands that sound ten times better live. autumn to ashes was next.....i liked them...good set. last but not least was killswitch engage, they were great of course. this was probably the first show where the crowd was just as much into the first band as the last....it was great....packed wall to wall with shorty's. i guess the whole tour was impressed with the turn out....they would have never guessed that abq on a weeknight would have brought out so many fans. i was impressed that so many turned out with the $15 cover!
that would be my last night driving the '76.

last saturday night i did something i thought i'd never do again...i went to the fall crawl, downtown. i told myself i would never go again because the *crawls* are an amateur's night out.....everyone and their mom is out these nights...its ridiculous! have to wait in line to get in, wait in line to get a drink, wait in line to piss! and usually everyone uses these nights to get plastered....so people are fighting, puking, and just plain annoying. the only reason i went was cuz tommy and his grrl were going, starsky was playing(my tattooist's old reunited band) and i never seem them before, and i havn't hung out with tommy in awhile. we met up at his grrl's house and left in a cab....there would be no way in finding a parking spot...plus there was a good chance for roadblocks. we were hoping to just pay a cover to get into the one bar where starsky was playing but no...the alibi, the weekly paper, had the whole event monopolized where you had to buy the $20 wristband to get in...even if you were only going to one bar...bullshit! and of course we had to stand in line to get the wristband. and of course a fight breaks out five feet away from said line. so we make it back to the bar and watch starsky after downing a few pbr's. there were alot of cute grrl's out but there was this one that caught my eye and it was weird that i was attracted to her since she had two things i'm not really into....short hair and lots of tatt's. but she was definitely cute and the tatt's were well placed and well done. i'd catch her looking my direction during the show and tommy caught her looking too....so here it comes....a swift punch to the arm, for not making a move yet, from tommy. the show ends and she leaves with her friend....i couldn't let this go and i know i wouldn't hear the end of it, so i ran out to talk to her. turns out she's just as cute, if not cuter, out in the street and that she wasn't available. oh well...at least i tried. tommy, xtina, and i take off.....find a cab and head home. i was right about the roadblocks...right as we left the downtown area, there was a sobriety check point....cab's the only way to go!

got an e-mail from my soon to be roommate.....he said his transfer was pushed ahead and he'll be moving to abq by the end of september....i hope he's a cool guy, especially since i'm giving him a good deal on his room. it will be nice getting that extra check every month....plus it'll give me an excuse to keep the place clean. i also hope his grrlfriend ,here in town, has some cute friends!

i also got a call from my friend tommy today, he was at the airport getting ready to leave to london with his grrlfriend and her family.....i guess they're going over there for 10 days for some vintage road racing event.
just get back from mexico and then head off to london...must be nice!

i picked up the new bronco thursday. got it insured and resistered friday. spent most of the weekend cleaning it....inside and out. some cool things i found out about it....since its has a 6300 GVW, i don't have to do emissions.....it has the factory limited slip.....first and last year for mass air....4-wheel abs. saturday i installed an amp and a 10" sub.....a great improvement over the factory speakers....i'll upgrade those down the road. got a call from my buddy, ron, today. i'm leaving my truck with him tomarrow so he can get new tires put on it....32" BFG mud-terrains....he still hasn't told me what the damage is...not sure if that's good or bad. i should also get my doggy-divider to keep the dogs contained to the back and my cat-back exhaust in tomarrow! the truck is too quiet...i hope the new exhaust will *fix* that. i also made it over to the local clifford dealer, driver's den, which was conviently down the road from me, to pick up a key for my immbolizer. so now my killswitch is engaged!

Monday, August 23, 2004

he wasn't kidding...


Sunday, August 22, 2004

rode hard and put away wet....literally....

i took the opportunity to take it easy this weekend instead of working.....friday night was the seventh day in a row at my friend's, ron, house........i didn't leave til about 11pm....but i was able to get his kitchen done....we'll have to set up another time to finish his bathroom.
saturday i had the chance to sleep in and after i spent the rest of the day cleaning....a much needed cleaning....i've been neglecting it for over a week and having 4 dogs doesn't help the situation.
today, sunday, i slept in once again. have to make up all the missed sleep from this past week. after finally waking up i contined with my cleaning.....seems like i always have something to clean. that's one of the disadvantages of living in newmexico....all the dust!
later in the afternoon tommy came over to join me in my last outting in my bronco......since i'm going to be parking it for some time i decided i should take it out in the dirt one last time in its current shape. our plan was to head out to south eubank....but due to the fact that either it's close to the base or that to many people have been dumping out there, a fence was put up to keep people out. we managed to find access on the other side of a parking lot of a business, but after driving out to edge of the arroyo we decided to head back after seeing the illegally cut fence. it was just to sketchy and not worth it, so we turn around to find a *cleaner* route in. tommy and i ended up driving to the other side of the large arroyo which was in a neighborhood. after thinking about it.....our new way in wasn't much more legal than the other, we drove through an empty lot between two houses.
we make it to the bottom and i head over to the irrigation steps to fool around over there....snapped a few pics and i head over to the large mud puddle. i don't particularly care for mud.....it gets into everything and its a pain in the ass to clean off your truck....but what the heck.....i'm tearing apart the truck anyways!
it was a thick sticky clay mud, probably a little over a foot deep. plenty to give my truk a good coating. after a dozen or so passes and almost getting stuck on the two wreck cars near by, i had my fill and was ready to go home. also the lingering feeling that we might get busted for being down there pushed the idea of leaving. we get out with no worry's and i head back to the house.
i didn't care to much about cleaning the body, but i did want to get all the mud off my engine and trans. after 3 cans of degreaser/cleaner and some scrubbing my engine was back to new. the only thing now is that i have a driveway full of mud. before i actually start pulling the truk apart i'll borrow tommy's pressure washer and give it a good cleaning.....nothing's worse than trying to work on a dirty truk.

wish i could pick up my other truk tomarrow, but my bank won't let me have my money til thursday. so thursday is the day. the lady i'm buying it from wasn't to happy to hear that.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

a '76 and a '96....

well i tracked down a decent bronco today.....after 4 calls about the bronco i gave up but towards the end of the workday my fone rings. it was the lady the i was trying to call about the bronco....she saw all the times i tryed calling on her caller id. i made arrangements to go over to where she was keeping it, her daughter's house, since she lives in santa fe. looked under the hood, took it for a spin, and looked over it again....this was the one. told 'em i'd take it and we made arrangements to meet up next monday to make the transfer of title and funds. all it needs is new tires, some new radius arm bushings, and a good cleaning. i already have a source to get a killer deal on tires and the bushings will be an easy task. and to think, i always said i would never own a used late model vehicle.
but now i'll have a vehicle that has heat, a roof, a/c, a sterio, and legal to drive.

made it back to ron's tonight, fourth day in a row.....it ain't bad....his wife had dinner for me every night so far....hard to beat that! just have two more nights left to finish the kitchen...then i'm off to the masterbath and i'm done......well intil the next project comes up.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

....a new truk....maybe...

my work week ended so-so.....work was beginning to get under my skin when the boss called me to find out how soon i could get the work truk back to shop since technically i'm not suppose to bring it home or use it for personal use. i asked the boss a few weeks back if i could bring it home since i was planning of doing some extensive work on my bronco and also i wanted to build the ladder rack for the work truk. i was hoping to milk it for as long as i could but the boss's put a halt to that....now i know to not let myself work for the company for free since they don't seem to appreciate it.....i didn't get much feed back about the trick ladder rack or the cleaned and polished truk.
i also busted my ass finishing 3 jobs this week that i had to finish for other people.....thought i would hear some appreciation for that too....but no, didn't hear a sqweek. i now know just to work the regular 8 hour work day like everyone else in the company.....if the job's not done....i don't care.....its time to go home....i'm not staying late. knowing that i'm going to max out my current job....i'm definitely gonna keep my eye open for something else with better possibilitys and i'm considering finishing out my bachelor's so i'll be up another step.

after my last roommate moved out i've been enjoying living in my house alone again.....living by myself is so much better. but i've been sorta looking for another roommate....that extra income always helps. after a month or so pondering and looking, i think i might of found a new roommate.....hopefully he's a cool guy since i'm cutting him a break on the rent...he's in cali presently.....i left the ball in his court on what he wants to do. works at sears, moving out here to be with his grrlfriend and from what i gather, he's a chevy fan....i won't hold that against him.

my digital camera finally came in on friday....only 3 days after i ordered it!

after not getting to work on my truk...sending the steering box down to texas to get some custom work done and pulling my engine to re-do some gaskets and seals and to replace my timing chain set, my truk running like poo, my truk not being registered, and having to get the company truk back to the shop next week, i've decided that i need to buy another vehicle. i've been putting this off and trying to get by with my bronco just so i can buy a bike this fall but i'm going to have to put that on the back burner for awhile.....4 wheels takes priority over 2. i've been looking at 90's model bronco's since they fit my need perfectly.....all the dogs can fit in it safely and i can pull a trailer with it for sidejobs if i need to carry sheetgoods or lumber. of course the one i had my eye on before i made the step over to actually buy a new vehicle was gone the day of....so i've been looking....i found a decent '94 today....might call them tomarrow and tell them i'll give them $15o0 less that what they're asking....i think what they're asking is a bit steep for the condition its in....leaks oil, needs new tires, the front seats are well worn, and what ever else may be wrong. we will see....i have a few weeks to look.

today i finally made it over to ron's house to start the work we've been talking about for about 2 years now. if you met the guy at his shop you could probably imagine what his house might look like....well for me it was totally different....i knew it was a nice house...but i didn't realize how well kept it was....the house was dialed! everything had its place and fit well with the surroundings. i was impressed. i met his beautiful family too, a wife, 2 daughters, and darla, their minature pincher.
i was able to knock out his hall bathroom today.....i probably could of gotten more done or finished sooner but working at a friends house seems to lead to a lot of chitchat...especially if its your first time there. i got the tour of the house, got to see his unfinished hotrod....that car is going to be awesome, went over his plan for an addition he wants to add to his house, got a tour of his back yard....nice landscaping and an awesome koi pond....he has quite the collection of colorful fish.
i'm headed back tomarrow to clean up the bathroom and then i'm going to start on the kitchen....i hope i could knock that out tomarrow....but i doubt it.
i enjoy working at his house but i would like to knock it out quick, after the kitchen i have his master bathroom to do and if he decides to go ahead with the addition, i think he wants me to do the finish work. but i already have other jobs lined up, one is a half hour outside of town, but i think that guy can wait. i have my sisters house to do. since she decided not to sell it, she wants all this work done to it...big work....knocking out 3 walls....2 of which are load bearing....and spliting her garage to make part of her house. all the work will probably add 300 square foot to her house. i also have to build wall at my brother-in-laws practice....that has to done within a month.
busy busy busy....

Monday, August 09, 2004

shelby's not interested....

before the morning even started i found out the job i was going to start out in the east mountains was canceled by the homeowner so i was sent back down south to belen.....i usually hate going down there but the job is almost at the end....it was a big job.....garage fire....the fire was mostly contained in the garage area but the smoke got to everything...so the whole house had to be completely gone over and we converted the garage into a studio/office and a storage room....its been drawn out for too long....i blame the poor management from the idiot that my boss put in charge and the lousy flooring subs, which i'm glad we had nothing to due with hiring them. its a great house but its out in the middle of no where. another irriating thing about the job is that the owner of the house is married to a women from either someplace in europe or even possibly russia....i can't really pinpoint the accent....but anyways she doesn't leave much to the imagination with the clothes she wears.....tight and cut either low or high....depending on which end you start at.....she's nothing special but she isn't ugly......but when you get a woman like that wondering around her house while its being worked on with all the subs.....plumbers, electricians, flooring, my company.....working, nothing possibly gets done. its ridculous....everyone starts to pretend they're working in the same room where she's standing just to peak a look at her exposed skin. and then when she leaves the work still doesn't continue cuz everyone has to gab about the uncovered thigh they saw as she walked up the stairs or review the secret pix they took on there camera fones while she was bending over to look at the new floor tile that was just installed. granted its was nice to see in the beginning.....after looking at a bunch of middle-aged construction workers everyday, a woman's presents is usually welcomed.....but day after day gawking gets old and starts to turn into an excuse not to work.

i'm pleased with the work i did at that house...some of the work i haven't even done before came out very well....i pretty much was responsible of all the fine detail/finish work.....i took care of the special wall finish in the formal dining room and formal living room...the floor trim along the curve of the stairs, going up the stairs and along the bottom(the most difficult of all the trim)...the $1000 shower surround. they all came out better than i expected and i'm glad its all done!

after hearing slikstakk mention rumaki, i realized i havn't had it in quite sometime so i busted out some raw meat and whipped out a batch....not to bad but i definitely had better....like stakk mentioned...i just need to work out the details til i get it the way i like.
i cooked up the rest of the chkn liver for the dogs.....i knew i would never use the rest....amazingly the dog who i thought would enjoy it the most....shelby, my lab cross....spit it out of his mouth....he wanted nothing to do with it as the other three inhaled the rest.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

i already miss sayuri....

last night was a good night.....before Rasputina i decided to splurg on some sushi at Sushi King right next door to the venue....and splurg i did.....after a plate full of sushi, a bottle of Asahi, and a bottle of sake my bill came to $55 after the tip.....i thought it was well worth it.
i took my time eating thinking the line outside the venue would be already inside by the time i finished but that wasn't the case....still the line existed after i walked out the door....oh well...

Hazard County Girls were the opening band......not sure if the dresses they wore were for Rasputina's sake or if that's the look they were after.....they rocked out but you couldn't hear the vocals for nothing.....i was impressed with the drummer mostly....her facial expressions as she played were most amusing! definitely my favorite out of the three.

I was glad to see Rasputina again.....i always appreciate a band more when i see them live compared to hearing their recordings. i remember back in high school or even before that when i didn't think much of the kids in *band*....now i envy them for playing an instrument. Rasputina put on a good show....nothing spectacular....just a good solid show. one thing i did notice that i enjoyed was hearing Zoe sing during some of the newer songs of their set.
towards the end of the show my friend, tommy, came up to me to point out a girl and then left to go back to where ever he was hiding. After the show tommy and i hung out in the lobby watching all the people mob the merch booth. I was trying to keep my eye on the jennifer connelly look-a-like i was standing next to during the whole show but figure she was probably to young and let her leave with her friends. figuring we were wasting our time in the lobby, we leave so tommy could get some money and meet up with his girlfriend, christina, at atomic cantina. not sure if tommy could find a better match for himself, christina is a cool grrl. her stepdad owns the local harley dealership and she rides a buell firebolt...not that that's what makes them a good match but i'm sure it helps. i ended up bolting at this point....my long work week, my short sleep, and the sake all began to catch up with me....i was way to tired to finish the night with them...i pulled out and went home.

today i took it easy at the start of my day......i finished reading Memoirs of a Geisha.....excellant book.....i havn't read alot of books in my life, but MoaG easliy is my favorite so far! i really hope the movie planned actually takes off....i think its due out the winter of 2005. i do look forward to reading it again. While reading MoaG i was thinking to myself how great it would be to actually experience the exciting life of Gion in the early 1900's. I think the closest thing to experience it is to actually go to Japan and see it as it is today....might have to plan a trip!

shortly after finishing the book i went out to check the mail....as i opened the front door i let the dogs run out as i always do....as i flip through the letters i here yelling and barking....so i run around the corner to see the postman running out to the street, spraying mace at my dogs...i could tell he was very upset cuz he was yelling obscenities at my dogs or just in the air and his face was red as if he was in a tanning bed an hour to long. of course my dogs wouldn't have done nothing to him...shelby was the one barking but if you knew shelby he wouldn't even get in a arms reach from the postman....let alone hurt him. after seeing the whole event take place i was calling my dogs as quickly as i could....they all came with out a fuss. when i collected all my dogs and saw they all were all alright....the postman must have been so scared that he couldn't even aim his mace correctly....i watched the postman look back at me with an ugly face as he continued delivering mail to the rest of the houses on my street. i'm assuming i'll have mail delivery problems in the near future.
i think the postman overreacted and depending on the dog, didn't/wouldn't help the situation by doing what he did. i'm guessing he has a strong fear of dogs and my advice for him is that he needs to find a new occupation...he's going to experience dogs everyday, its a job risk. a risk he seems not to deal with well.

i ended my day by cutting down my dead apple tree and loading it on to my trailer for delivery to the dump tomarrow. i'm going to use the existing trunk of the tree as a kendo dummy to practice on, hopefully more than not since i really need the practice. i also gave into the notion that i would never re-use the reminents of sleestakk's old outdoor habitat from my other house....it just didn't survive the move very well. so i cut it up and loaded it on the trailer also along with some other debris i didn't care to look at anymore.
i think i'll plant a maple tree this fall in place of the old apple.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

the end is near....the end of the week that is....

not a whole lot has happen this week......
after several months....maybe even over a year.....i finally washed my work truk tonight....and gave it a good rub down with some rubbing compound to get the rest of the ground in dirt out and to polish up the chrome....after a little bit of armorall the ol' dodge was looking good. hope the boss's appreciate at the meeting tomarrow morning!

hopefully by the end of the weekend i'll finally have my vin number tag and my title or at least a bill of sale for my bronco i bought almost a year ago....i havn't been in a hurry to get it intil recently since i let my registration for my other bronco lapse last month. the vin number plate is riveted on the glove box door of the bronco...so its easy to swap to different broncos....so my plan was to take the vin plate from the other bronco which i believe is a '71 and put it on my bronco which is a '76 and register it as the '71 so i won't have to deal with emissions....eventually i'll swap my '76 drivetrain over to the '71 so it will be legit.

yesterday i stopped by my friend's(ron) shop to touch base on the work i'll be doing on his house....his wife still hasn't made her mind on what she wants to do....hopefully she'll make her mind soon since we've been talking about doing this for about 2 years now! it's always good to stop by ron's shop since he usually has something going on....i think the main business started out rebuilding and servicing hydraulic pumps, but later he added on truck suspensions. the yard isn't the pretty sight unless your into truks.....he has a half of dozen or so broncos in different states of repair, a '78 4-door bronco he built, a couple trucks with 44" tires underneath them, and a F350 6X6 with 49" tires he's currently working on to enter in the top truck challange.....i've already volunteered to be his spotter for this event! he also has a '36 ford hunchback sedan that he's hotrodding...chopped, airbagged, and shaved...he also shoved in a 351 efi roller motor.

tomarrow night is rasputina....this will be a good start for the weekend....i havn't seen them in about 2 years...i'm really looking forward! last time they were here that played at a gay club......this time they're playing at a large venue....one step down from convention center size. only wish i heard some of their new stuff.....no stores in the abq area seem to carry it. maybe next time.....


Monday, August 02, 2004

stakk in the house

yo, slickstakk in the house everybody... and LIVE from San Effing Jose. just ringin' in. more later when when i gots more to say. l8s.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

she heard the anger in my voice....

what an evening it was.......trying to unwind tonight while sitting on the couch i heard some noise out in the garage that sounded like two of my dogs rough houseing/playing......wouldn't think much of it otherwise but it sounded like the were stepping all over my 2X4 foot metal drip pan for my truk.....so i hurry out there to keep them from running in the house with oily paws and then i suddenly see some small creature scurry under my truk towards the back by the garage door.....then it hit me!!! it was my iguana, sleestak, fleeing the from the jaws of lucy...my red heeler/sher-pei mix. of course i began to yell at the top of lugs to get lucy away from him since she was out of arms reach.....i don't think i ever yelled that loud before....she definitely heard the anger in my voice....she finally got the hint and slowly stepped away with her little triangle ears poking outwards knowing she was in deep poo. i then stepped over to slee to see what kinda of shape he was in and automatically he puffs up and drops the ol' dewlap with every last bit of energy he had left from running from the two bad dogs. he didn't appear to be injured and it didn't look like he had enough juice to move anymore so i let him rest in the corner of the garage and went to deliver a couple butt-kick'n's to some unlucky canines. lucy and chopper, my other sher-pei mix, were the culprits. it appears that one of them bit a hole in slee's plastic netting that encloses his habitat. Slee eventually found the hole and made it out the open door to the back yard were he met up with lucy and chopper.....not sure how long they chased him around the back yard....still have to wait til the morning to see the tail tracks in the dirt to really get an idea....but finally making it to the other side of the house and through the doggy door into the garage probably saved him from some serious dog bites or being lost in a tree somewhere if he did manage to escape the backyard. while giving chopper his just deserts i noticed he had a laceration just above his right front paw....its about 3/4"X3/4" in the shape of an "U".....it appears slee might of got some shots in too! after terrifing the 2 dogs to the corner of the back yard i throw on a sweatshirt, some welding gloves(leather and long), and grab a towel, i approach slee and throw the towel over him to prevent any possible injuries to myself and begin to pick him out....surprisingly he was very docile....guess he had no more fight left in him. I take into my bathroom where a warm iodine bath is already for him and i drop him. i can imagine how great that had to feel to him after that stressful ordeal. at this time i was able to visually check him for injuries....all that i noticed at the time was some minor spine/spike damage.....it looked like either he hurt them trying to escape the grasp of the dogs or the dogs nipped at his back as he ran away from them...another thing i noticed was that he was making a snorting sound before i put in the bath...i just disregarded it due to stress. i took slee's bathtime as an opportunity to clean out his filthy habitat, no thanks to me....i gave it a good bleach clean out so it would be nice and fresh for his return. after some relaxing in the tub i grabbed slee to take him back to his habitat and then i noticed why he was making the snorting sound! his little piece of skin/scale over his ear was punctured/torn and everytime he tryed to *snort* it blew the little piece of skin out...still trying to find info on how serious that injury might be but i still havn't had any luck....just isn't to much info about iguana ears out there! what a way to end the weekend!

i still didn't finish my ladder rack for my work truk.....i ran out of wire for my welder...if it wasn't for the fiasco yesterday putting the new wire in i would of definitely had enough to finish......the welds that i didn't finish weren't a big deal....i can finish later even if its mounted on the truk.....so i button up some of the details on the rack....grinding, cutting, sanding, cleaning. i tryed to paint the areas of the rack that would effect the truk after it was installed since i was limited on my paint supple also.....so everything that i had left to paint wouldn't effect the truck, over spray mostly. but of course i run out of paint too....have to wait til tomarrow i guess....

can't wait to get done with that bastard....in the beginnig it was fun...now i just want it done....and today is a full week from when i got the piece of metal in my right eye while working on it.....had the grinder just at the right angle that it sprayed sparks right into my face and one of those sparks lodged it self right in my eye.....after 3 days with a F'ed up eye and some serious light sensativity i made it to the doctor last wedesday......by then the little piece of metal managed to work its way out but cuz it was in there for so long it left a rust spot on my eye.....the only solution was to *scrub* the spot off my eye ball! some good times when you have tissue removed from yer peeper! so after 3 or 4 days and some prescription eye drops....my eye feels as good as new!

i always manage to find an excuse to go to target every weekend for something i need or ran out of.....that's probably mostly due to the cute grrl that mostly works in the electronic department there....sometimes i have to hunt her down in the store just to walk past her and do/say nothing....the story of my life.
probably wouldn't care to much about her but i saw her one night downtown at a show for a popular local band with a group of her friends....at one time during the night she caught me staring at her so i decided to not look away....the eye contact was tense and long...she had a *mean* look on her face but definitely didn't look away til one of her friends, a guy, pulled her away. not really sure if it meant anything and i probably would have made an effort to at least talk to her before the end of the night but i ended up hanging out and talking to someone i've been interested in for sometime that in the long run didn't get me sqawk....probably cuz it was based on looks alone.
ANYWAYS......i think i'll cross her of the list cuz i saw her hanging out in the parking lot with a guy during her break and i think i found a better replacement for her....as i was checking out i noticed a cute asian grrl folding clothes not far from the registars.....she caught me looking...i didn't care....still waiting to check out i see her on the instore fone...i was thinking maybe she was gutsy and was going to ask for my fone number over the store p.a., nope.....didn't happen....looked like she was going on break.....as she was *going on break* she caught me looking again and threw a cute smile my way.....i managed to give her a pathetic one back. she moves on and i begin to check out....looking down on what i was buying probably wouldn't look to good if the cashier thought about it....handlotion and the movie *thirteen*, it was on sale, along with some stuff for the dogs and some shoelaces.....i suppose i have an interest in young grrls and not in that way....i know the rules.....its just seeing my friends 14year old daughter trying to get away with the stuff that she hides from her father(lap dances at her b-day party and thongs) and my neighbors across the street....a mother, 18 year old and 13+/- year old daughters.....the mother and the oldest don't leave much for the imagination for what they wear and the youngest is on her way.
back to the cute asian grrl.....as i was checking out i could see her looking over at me from the food vending area...not really sure what its really called.....so now i'm thinking she probably set herself up to go on break to give me an opportunity to talk to her with out being pressured that i would be bothering her at work...i had to talk to her....i finish checking out and start walking over to that area....its right by the doors.....and guess what....she disappeared....made a visual scan aross the front of the store and she was gone! without looking to desperate...i continued out the door empty handed. not sure if she was more attractive to me just cuz i'm reading *memoirs of a geisha*...i'm sure it helped....but she was definitely cute....but my luck probably to young.....but i can just picture her at a teahouse in a kimono pouring me a cup of sake while just slightly giving me a glance of the inside of her wrist....
guess i'll just have to wait til next weekend!