Tuesday, August 17, 2004

a '76 and a '96....

well i tracked down a decent bronco today.....after 4 calls about the bronco i gave up but towards the end of the workday my fone rings. it was the lady the i was trying to call about the bronco....she saw all the times i tryed calling on her caller id. i made arrangements to go over to where she was keeping it, her daughter's house, since she lives in santa fe. looked under the hood, took it for a spin, and looked over it again....this was the one. told 'em i'd take it and we made arrangements to meet up next monday to make the transfer of title and funds. all it needs is new tires, some new radius arm bushings, and a good cleaning. i already have a source to get a killer deal on tires and the bushings will be an easy task. and to think, i always said i would never own a used late model vehicle.
but now i'll have a vehicle that has heat, a roof, a/c, a sterio, and legal to drive.

made it back to ron's tonight, fourth day in a row.....it ain't bad....his wife had dinner for me every night so far....hard to beat that! just have two more nights left to finish the kitchen...then i'm off to the masterbath and i'm done......well intil the next project comes up.


Blogger stakk said...

shit, for a second there i thought you wrote, "then i'm off to masterbate and i'm done." i was thinking, christ, dinner was that good huh?

congrats on the new wheels... definitely needed.

August 20, 2004 at 1:18 AM  

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