Saturday, August 07, 2004

i already miss sayuri....

last night was a good night.....before Rasputina i decided to splurg on some sushi at Sushi King right next door to the venue....and splurg i did.....after a plate full of sushi, a bottle of Asahi, and a bottle of sake my bill came to $55 after the tip.....i thought it was well worth it.
i took my time eating thinking the line outside the venue would be already inside by the time i finished but that wasn't the case....still the line existed after i walked out the door....oh well...

Hazard County Girls were the opening band......not sure if the dresses they wore were for Rasputina's sake or if that's the look they were after.....they rocked out but you couldn't hear the vocals for nothing.....i was impressed with the drummer mostly....her facial expressions as she played were most amusing! definitely my favorite out of the three.

I was glad to see Rasputina again.....i always appreciate a band more when i see them live compared to hearing their recordings. i remember back in high school or even before that when i didn't think much of the kids in *band* i envy them for playing an instrument. Rasputina put on a good show....nothing spectacular....just a good solid show. one thing i did notice that i enjoyed was hearing Zoe sing during some of the newer songs of their set.
towards the end of the show my friend, tommy, came up to me to point out a girl and then left to go back to where ever he was hiding. After the show tommy and i hung out in the lobby watching all the people mob the merch booth. I was trying to keep my eye on the jennifer connelly look-a-like i was standing next to during the whole show but figure she was probably to young and let her leave with her friends. figuring we were wasting our time in the lobby, we leave so tommy could get some money and meet up with his girlfriend, christina, at atomic cantina. not sure if tommy could find a better match for himself, christina is a cool grrl. her stepdad owns the local harley dealership and she rides a buell firebolt...not that that's what makes them a good match but i'm sure it helps. i ended up bolting at this long work week, my short sleep, and the sake all began to catch up with me....i was way to tired to finish the night with them...i pulled out and went home.

today i took it easy at the start of my day......i finished reading Memoirs of a Geisha.....excellant book.....i havn't read alot of books in my life, but MoaG easliy is my favorite so far! i really hope the movie planned actually takes off....i think its due out the winter of 2005. i do look forward to reading it again. While reading MoaG i was thinking to myself how great it would be to actually experience the exciting life of Gion in the early 1900's. I think the closest thing to experience it is to actually go to Japan and see it as it is today....might have to plan a trip!

shortly after finishing the book i went out to check the i opened the front door i let the dogs run out as i always i flip through the letters i here yelling and i run around the corner to see the postman running out to the street, spraying mace at my dogs...i could tell he was very upset cuz he was yelling obscenities at my dogs or just in the air and his face was red as if he was in a tanning bed an hour to long. of course my dogs wouldn't have done nothing to him...shelby was the one barking but if you knew shelby he wouldn't even get in a arms reach from the postman....let alone hurt him. after seeing the whole event take place i was calling my dogs as quickly as i could....they all came with out a fuss. when i collected all my dogs and saw they all were all alright....the postman must have been so scared that he couldn't even aim his mace correctly....i watched the postman look back at me with an ugly face as he continued delivering mail to the rest of the houses on my street. i'm assuming i'll have mail delivery problems in the near future.
i think the postman overreacted and depending on the dog, didn't/wouldn't help the situation by doing what he did. i'm guessing he has a strong fear of dogs and my advice for him is that he needs to find a new occupation...he's going to experience dogs everyday, its a job risk. a risk he seems not to deal with well.

i ended my day by cutting down my dead apple tree and loading it on to my trailer for delivery to the dump tomarrow. i'm going to use the existing trunk of the tree as a kendo dummy to practice on, hopefully more than not since i really need the practice. i also gave into the notion that i would never re-use the reminents of sleestakk's old outdoor habitat from my other just didn't survive the move very well. so i cut it up and loaded it on the trailer also along with some other debris i didn't care to look at anymore.
i think i'll plant a maple tree this fall in place of the old apple.


Blogger stakk said...

wow, you killed that book fast enough. damn. it is a pretty easy and entertaining read. glad you like it (i figured you would). btw, who does Hattsumomo remind you of? i'll send you my mp3 player w/the audio files for the book if you're interested in "listening" to it read to you. i did that and it's pretty damn good.

i didn't think you were interested in overseas travel but if you want to go to Japan let's do it. however, it ain't a cheap trip. there are some great travel packages that i follow incl. one that would probably interest you the most. it's a guided tour thru the "old" country incl. a visit to Gion (Kyoto). it's called "Lost Japan" here's the link:

only $2500 not including airfare! woohoo! probably the trip of a lifetime and worth every second.

glad to hear the raspy show was good. do the Hazard County Girls have a CD out? i've never heard of them. sorry to hear about the dipshit postman.

August 12, 2004 at 12:33 AM  
Blogger trukpro said...

i'm totally interested in the audio version of the book.....that way i know for sure how some of the japanese words are pronounced correctly. not sure who hatsumomo reminds me of...who are you thinking of?

yeah...its been on my mind about going to japan....little from you, kendo, maybe from some movies...but more so after reading MoaG. i've been tossing around the idea of using my tax return next year....since its suppose to be sizable.....and maybe my credit card if i need only live once and i've never gone anywhere internationally. plus i think japan is the only country i would consider visiting.

i think hazard county girls had cd' least i know for sure they had merch to sell. just wish the sound guy did a better job with the vocals.

not sure if tommy liked rasputina or not...just mentioned that they were very talented.

August 12, 2004 at 9:32 PM  

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