Saturday, August 14, 2004

....a new truk....maybe...

my work week ended was beginning to get under my skin when the boss called me to find out how soon i could get the work truk back to shop since technically i'm not suppose to bring it home or use it for personal use. i asked the boss a few weeks back if i could bring it home since i was planning of doing some extensive work on my bronco and also i wanted to build the ladder rack for the work truk. i was hoping to milk it for as long as i could but the boss's put a halt to i know to not let myself work for the company for free since they don't seem to appreciate it.....i didn't get much feed back about the trick ladder rack or the cleaned and polished truk.
i also busted my ass finishing 3 jobs this week that i had to finish for other people.....thought i would hear some appreciation for that too....but no, didn't hear a sqweek. i now know just to work the regular 8 hour work day like everyone else in the company.....if the job's not done....i don't care.....its time to go home....i'm not staying late. knowing that i'm going to max out my current job....i'm definitely gonna keep my eye open for something else with better possibilitys and i'm considering finishing out my bachelor's so i'll be up another step.

after my last roommate moved out i've been enjoying living in my house alone by myself is so much better. but i've been sorta looking for another roommate....that extra income always helps. after a month or so pondering and looking, i think i might of found a new roommate.....hopefully he's a cool guy since i'm cutting him a break on the rent...he's in cali presently.....i left the ball in his court on what he wants to do. works at sears, moving out here to be with his grrlfriend and from what i gather, he's a chevy fan....i won't hold that against him.

my digital camera finally came in on friday....only 3 days after i ordered it!

after not getting to work on my truk...sending the steering box down to texas to get some custom work done and pulling my engine to re-do some gaskets and seals and to replace my timing chain set, my truk running like poo, my truk not being registered, and having to get the company truk back to the shop next week, i've decided that i need to buy another vehicle. i've been putting this off and trying to get by with my bronco just so i can buy a bike this fall but i'm going to have to put that on the back burner for awhile.....4 wheels takes priority over 2. i've been looking at 90's model bronco's since they fit my need perfectly.....all the dogs can fit in it safely and i can pull a trailer with it for sidejobs if i need to carry sheetgoods or lumber. of course the one i had my eye on before i made the step over to actually buy a new vehicle was gone the day i've been looking....i found a decent '94 today....might call them tomarrow and tell them i'll give them $15o0 less that what they're asking....i think what they're asking is a bit steep for the condition its in....leaks oil, needs new tires, the front seats are well worn, and what ever else may be wrong. we will see....i have a few weeks to look.

today i finally made it over to ron's house to start the work we've been talking about for about 2 years now. if you met the guy at his shop you could probably imagine what his house might look like....well for me it was totally different....i knew it was a nice house...but i didn't realize how well kept it was....the house was dialed! everything had its place and fit well with the surroundings. i was impressed. i met his beautiful family too, a wife, 2 daughters, and darla, their minature pincher.
i was able to knock out his hall bathroom today.....i probably could of gotten more done or finished sooner but working at a friends house seems to lead to a lot of chitchat...especially if its your first time there. i got the tour of the house, got to see his unfinished hotrod....that car is going to be awesome, went over his plan for an addition he wants to add to his house, got a tour of his back yard....nice landscaping and an awesome koi pond....he has quite the collection of colorful fish.
i'm headed back tomarrow to clean up the bathroom and then i'm going to start on the kitchen....i hope i could knock that out tomarrow....but i doubt it.
i enjoy working at his house but i would like to knock it out quick, after the kitchen i have his master bathroom to do and if he decides to go ahead with the addition, i think he wants me to do the finish work. but i already have other jobs lined up, one is a half hour outside of town, but i think that guy can wait. i have my sisters house to do. since she decided not to sell it, she wants all this work done to it...big work....knocking out 3 walls....2 of which are load bearing....and spliting her garage to make part of her house. all the work will probably add 300 square foot to her house. i also have to build wall at my brother-in-laws practice....that has to done within a month.
busy busy busy....


Blogger stakk said...

christ, i hope you're getting something in return for working on Rose's house. that sounds like some major work! looking for more work and/or getting your bachelors degree are good options for you. shit, you could take a class or 2 per semester/summer sessions and make it easy on yourself and probably get decent grades too. at least you'll have the degree in your pocket.

i forgot to check out the digicam when pAT was here. he used his quite extensively at WW on saturday. he seems pleased with his. fire up some photos and send a few over so i can check them out. roommates are a drag but the extra $$$ always helps... even if it's only for a short time, which it what this sounds like. my friend Addie gets a roommate for like a couple of months to help out w/money. then she goes a while w/o one then gets another.

August 17, 2004 at 1:20 AM  

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