Sunday, August 22, 2004

rode hard and put away wet....literally....

i took the opportunity to take it easy this weekend instead of working.....friday night was the seventh day in a row at my friend's, ron, house........i didn't leave til about 11pm....but i was able to get his kitchen done....we'll have to set up another time to finish his bathroom.
saturday i had the chance to sleep in and after i spent the rest of the day cleaning....a much needed cleaning....i've been neglecting it for over a week and having 4 dogs doesn't help the situation.
today, sunday, i slept in once again. have to make up all the missed sleep from this past week. after finally waking up i contined with my cleaning.....seems like i always have something to clean. that's one of the disadvantages of living in newmexico....all the dust!
later in the afternoon tommy came over to join me in my last outting in my bronco......since i'm going to be parking it for some time i decided i should take it out in the dirt one last time in its current shape. our plan was to head out to south eubank....but due to the fact that either it's close to the base or that to many people have been dumping out there, a fence was put up to keep people out. we managed to find access on the other side of a parking lot of a business, but after driving out to edge of the arroyo we decided to head back after seeing the illegally cut fence. it was just to sketchy and not worth it, so we turn around to find a *cleaner* route in. tommy and i ended up driving to the other side of the large arroyo which was in a neighborhood. after thinking about it.....our new way in wasn't much more legal than the other, we drove through an empty lot between two houses.
we make it to the bottom and i head over to the irrigation steps to fool around over there....snapped a few pics and i head over to the large mud puddle. i don't particularly care for gets into everything and its a pain in the ass to clean off your truck....but what the heck.....i'm tearing apart the truck anyways!
it was a thick sticky clay mud, probably a little over a foot deep. plenty to give my truk a good coating. after a dozen or so passes and almost getting stuck on the two wreck cars near by, i had my fill and was ready to go home. also the lingering feeling that we might get busted for being down there pushed the idea of leaving. we get out with no worry's and i head back to the house.
i didn't care to much about cleaning the body, but i did want to get all the mud off my engine and trans. after 3 cans of degreaser/cleaner and some scrubbing my engine was back to new. the only thing now is that i have a driveway full of mud. before i actually start pulling the truk apart i'll borrow tommy's pressure washer and give it a good cleaning.....nothing's worse than trying to work on a dirty truk.

wish i could pick up my other truk tomarrow, but my bank won't let me have my money til thursday. so thursday is the day. the lady i'm buying it from wasn't to happy to hear that.


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