Sunday, August 01, 2004

she heard the anger in my voice....

what an evening it was.......trying to unwind tonight while sitting on the couch i heard some noise out in the garage that sounded like two of my dogs rough houseing/playing......wouldn't think much of it otherwise but it sounded like the were stepping all over my 2X4 foot metal drip pan for my i hurry out there to keep them from running in the house with oily paws and then i suddenly see some small creature scurry under my truk towards the back by the garage door.....then it hit me!!! it was my iguana, sleestak, fleeing the from the jaws of red heeler/sher-pei mix. of course i began to yell at the top of lugs to get lucy away from him since she was out of arms reach.....i don't think i ever yelled that loud before....she definitely heard the anger in my voice....she finally got the hint and slowly stepped away with her little triangle ears poking outwards knowing she was in deep poo. i then stepped over to slee to see what kinda of shape he was in and automatically he puffs up and drops the ol' dewlap with every last bit of energy he had left from running from the two bad dogs. he didn't appear to be injured and it didn't look like he had enough juice to move anymore so i let him rest in the corner of the garage and went to deliver a couple butt-kick'n's to some unlucky canines. lucy and chopper, my other sher-pei mix, were the culprits. it appears that one of them bit a hole in slee's plastic netting that encloses his habitat. Slee eventually found the hole and made it out the open door to the back yard were he met up with lucy and chopper.....not sure how long they chased him around the back yard....still have to wait til the morning to see the tail tracks in the dirt to really get an idea....but finally making it to the other side of the house and through the doggy door into the garage probably saved him from some serious dog bites or being lost in a tree somewhere if he did manage to escape the backyard. while giving chopper his just deserts i noticed he had a laceration just above his right front paw....its about 3/4"X3/4" in the shape of an "U" appears slee might of got some shots in too! after terrifing the 2 dogs to the corner of the back yard i throw on a sweatshirt, some welding gloves(leather and long), and grab a towel, i approach slee and throw the towel over him to prevent any possible injuries to myself and begin to pick him out....surprisingly he was very docile....guess he had no more fight left in him. I take into my bathroom where a warm iodine bath is already for him and i drop him. i can imagine how great that had to feel to him after that stressful ordeal. at this time i was able to visually check him for injuries....all that i noticed at the time was some minor spine/spike looked like either he hurt them trying to escape the grasp of the dogs or the dogs nipped at his back as he ran away from them...another thing i noticed was that he was making a snorting sound before i put in the bath...i just disregarded it due to stress. i took slee's bathtime as an opportunity to clean out his filthy habitat, no thanks to me....i gave it a good bleach clean out so it would be nice and fresh for his return. after some relaxing in the tub i grabbed slee to take him back to his habitat and then i noticed why he was making the snorting sound! his little piece of skin/scale over his ear was punctured/torn and everytime he tryed to *snort* it blew the little piece of skin out...still trying to find info on how serious that injury might be but i still havn't had any luck....just isn't to much info about iguana ears out there! what a way to end the weekend!

i still didn't finish my ladder rack for my work truk.....i ran out of wire for my welder...if it wasn't for the fiasco yesterday putting the new wire in i would of definitely had enough to finish......the welds that i didn't finish weren't a big deal....i can finish later even if its mounted on the i button up some of the details on the rack....grinding, cutting, sanding, cleaning. i tryed to paint the areas of the rack that would effect the truk after it was installed since i was limited on my paint supple everything that i had left to paint wouldn't effect the truck, over spray mostly. but of course i run out of paint too....have to wait til tomarrow i guess....

can't wait to get done with that the beginnig it was i just want it done....and today is a full week from when i got the piece of metal in my right eye while working on it.....had the grinder just at the right angle that it sprayed sparks right into my face and one of those sparks lodged it self right in my eye.....after 3 days with a F'ed up eye and some serious light sensativity i made it to the doctor last then the little piece of metal managed to work its way out but cuz it was in there for so long it left a rust spot on my eye.....the only solution was to *scrub* the spot off my eye ball! some good times when you have tissue removed from yer peeper! so after 3 or 4 days and some prescription eye eye feels as good as new!

i always manage to find an excuse to go to target every weekend for something i need or ran out of.....that's probably mostly due to the cute grrl that mostly works in the electronic department there....sometimes i have to hunt her down in the store just to walk past her and do/say nothing....the story of my life.
probably wouldn't care to much about her but i saw her one night downtown at a show for a popular local band with a group of her one time during the night she caught me staring at her so i decided to not look away....the eye contact was tense and long...she had a *mean* look on her face but definitely didn't look away til one of her friends, a guy, pulled her away. not really sure if it meant anything and i probably would have made an effort to at least talk to her before the end of the night but i ended up hanging out and talking to someone i've been interested in for sometime that in the long run didn't get me sqawk....probably cuz it was based on looks alone.
ANYWAYS......i think i'll cross her of the list cuz i saw her hanging out in the parking lot with a guy during her break and i think i found a better replacement for i was checking out i noticed a cute asian grrl folding clothes not far from the registars.....she caught me looking...i didn't care....still waiting to check out i see her on the instore fone...i was thinking maybe she was gutsy and was going to ask for my fone number over the store p.a., nope.....didn't happen....looked like she was going on she was *going on break* she caught me looking again and threw a cute smile my way.....i managed to give her a pathetic one back. she moves on and i begin to check out....looking down on what i was buying probably wouldn't look to good if the cashier thought about it....handlotion and the movie *thirteen*, it was on sale, along with some stuff for the dogs and some shoelaces.....i suppose i have an interest in young grrls and not in that way....i know the rules.....its just seeing my friends 14year old daughter trying to get away with the stuff that she hides from her father(lap dances at her b-day party and thongs) and my neighbors across the street....a mother, 18 year old and 13+/- year old daughters.....the mother and the oldest don't leave much for the imagination for what they wear and the youngest is on her way.
back to the cute asian i was checking out i could see her looking over at me from the food vending area...not really sure what its really now i'm thinking she probably set herself up to go on break to give me an opportunity to talk to her with out being pressured that i would be bothering her at work...i had to talk to her....i finish checking out and start walking over to that area....its right by the doors.....and guess what....she disappeared....made a visual scan aross the front of the store and she was gone! without looking to desperate...i continued out the door empty handed. not sure if she was more attractive to me just cuz i'm reading *memoirs of a geisha*...i'm sure it helped....but she was definitely cute....but my luck probably to young.....but i can just picture her at a teahouse in a kimono pouring me a cup of sake while just slightly giving me a glance of the inside of her wrist....
guess i'll just have to wait til next weekend!


Blogger stakk said...

holy christ that was a long post! you covered a lot of ground, my young padawan brother. i'm sorry to hear about slee's ear. try MK's site and see if she has anything about how to proceed:

i'm guessing that there's not much you can do if it's torn other than keep an eye on it. maybe it will heal over during his next shed... so you might wanna make him some old school MK salad w/lots of soy protein and let him out in the backyard a few times in sun to jumpstart his growth and shed. just an idea.

there's definitely plenty of cutie girls in ABQ but whether they are "good" girls or not is another question. take the approach that you've got nothing to lose by talking to one and you may find one w/mutual feelings w/o even trying. "thirteen" is a cool, wacked movie. i could've flipped ya my copy had i known you wanted to see it.

glad to hear you're enjoying Memoirs. it's a great book.

August 2, 2004 at 1:01 AM  

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