Monday, August 09, 2004

shelby's not interested....

before the morning even started i found out the job i was going to start out in the east mountains was canceled by the homeowner so i was sent back down south to belen.....i usually hate going down there but the job is almost at the was a big job.....garage fire....the fire was mostly contained in the garage area but the smoke got to the whole house had to be completely gone over and we converted the garage into a studio/office and a storage room....its been drawn out for too long....i blame the poor management from the idiot that my boss put in charge and the lousy flooring subs, which i'm glad we had nothing to due with hiring them. its a great house but its out in the middle of no where. another irriating thing about the job is that the owner of the house is married to a women from either someplace in europe or even possibly russia....i can't really pinpoint the accent....but anyways she doesn't leave much to the imagination with the clothes she wears.....tight and cut either low or high....depending on which end you start at.....she's nothing special but she isn't ugly......but when you get a woman like that wondering around her house while its being worked on with all the subs.....plumbers, electricians, flooring, my company.....working, nothing possibly gets done. its ridculous....everyone starts to pretend they're working in the same room where she's standing just to peak a look at her exposed skin. and then when she leaves the work still doesn't continue cuz everyone has to gab about the uncovered thigh they saw as she walked up the stairs or review the secret pix they took on there camera fones while she was bending over to look at the new floor tile that was just installed. granted its was nice to see in the beginning.....after looking at a bunch of middle-aged construction workers everyday, a woman's presents is usually welcomed.....but day after day gawking gets old and starts to turn into an excuse not to work.

i'm pleased with the work i did at that house...some of the work i haven't even done before came out very well....i pretty much was responsible of all the fine detail/finish work.....i took care of the special wall finish in the formal dining room and formal living room...the floor trim along the curve of the stairs, going up the stairs and along the bottom(the most difficult of all the trim)...the $1000 shower surround. they all came out better than i expected and i'm glad its all done!

after hearing slikstakk mention rumaki, i realized i havn't had it in quite sometime so i busted out some raw meat and whipped out a batch....not to bad but i definitely had stakk mentioned...i just need to work out the details til i get it the way i like.
i cooked up the rest of the chkn liver for the dogs.....i knew i would never use the rest....amazingly the dog who i thought would enjoy it the most....shelby, my lab cross....spit it out of his mouth....he wanted nothing to do with it as the other three inhaled the rest.


Blogger stakk said...

hahahahahaha! i can just imagine Shelby spitting out the liver! yeah, it's fucking nasty stuff indeed. i made another batch starting monday and let it marinade (2 separate bowls w/different teriyaki sauces) overnight. baked it for an hour last night and they turned out damn good. i also learned that you're supposed to slice the bacon strips in half before wrapping the chestnut and liver bit. makes more that way and isn't as filling. marinading overnight was key this time as it totally eliminated the liver taste which i detest. i have leftover livers but no dogs to give to. fortunately they're cheap so i can throw it out the tub and not lose any sleep over it. the last tub i kept a little too long in the fridge and that was bad news. whoa did that shit stink.

August 12, 2004 at 12:41 AM  

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