Wednesday, September 01, 2004

new exhaust...

i left my truk with my buddy, ron, today so that he could get new tires mounted.....
ended up going with the 32's but now i wish i went with the 33' since it looks like they would fit....oh well.
my buddy hooked me up with the tires....he kicked in $200 on the $560 bill, for helping him with his house....he's also going to build the steering linkage for my '76. the '96 looks good with the m/t' bad i'll probably never use them for what they're intended for.

after talking to my neighbors tonight.....i just barely missed the fedex truck delivering my new exhaust and pet divider. that sucked cuz i really wanted to get the cat-back mounted tonight! i'll have to wait til tomarrow....along with my new bushings. all i need after all this is the grill insert and tinting the front and rear windows.


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