Thursday, September 02, 2004

was it worth it?

welp...after a tiring day at work and going over to my brother-n-laws practice to take measurements for a wall i'm building for him this weekend....i made it home finally to find my front door littered with deliverys! i got my exhaust, the pet divider, radius arm bushings, and a big package in a little box from brother. being most excited about the exhaust, i fumbled through the other boxes like a lil kid on x-mas one and already on to the next almost before setting the other down.

i pulled out all the tools i thought i needed but that wasn't the case, of course. ended up calling the neighbor to borrow his sawall since i left mine at work. made a quick trip to lowe's to pick up the blades i wanted and the new bolts for when i replace the bushings. got home and didn't even wait for the truck to cool down.....i figure the burns would be worth having cool exhaust before bedtime. so by 8pm i was tearing into the old muffler with a plan....i hope the neighbor next door didn't mind.....cutting metal with a sawzall isn't necessarily quiet. after a half hour past i realized my plan might not work....another half hour and i found out it wouldn't. long story short, i ended up cutting the hell outta my exhaust to find out that this direct *bolt-in* exhaust wasn't a direct bolt-in. i cut off more than i ever thought i had too and ended up welding the new to the old since the supplied muffler clamp was useless in this application. by 10:30pm i was cleaning up. took it around the block and was impressed.....not to loud but loud enough. now i just need to figure out what wheel is squeeking since it was making itself known during the test drive.
i'd have to say it was worth it...i'm more about *built, not bought*...and since i didn't just bolt it on, i feel better about it....even if it was a pain in the ass.

before wrapping it up i threw together the pet divider just to get it now i resemble a psuedo cop car. i'll do the fine tuning of the install tomarrow.


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